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More SKUs, Small quantities – Private label Production for Online retailers and mid size Brands.

GC Apparels/SMARTFACTORY4U started in 2017 to provide exclusive service to online retailers for their private label business. Our HK wing is GOD COUTURE LIMITED. An English-speaking team with rich knowledge of 15 years can help you to understand your specific needs and offer exclusive services to you from design to production. 

GC Apparels/SMARTFACTORY4U is a sourcing studio that provides online retailers with a one-stop solution for clothing manufacturing. The studio’s trendy and fashionable apparel are designed, manufactured, and shipped out entirely from its end, giving online retailers the convenience of dealing with a single supplier for their desired products. With eminent international clients worldwide, GC Apparels/SMARTFACTORY4U continues to mark itself out as one of the standout sourcing studios in the market.

Love and passion for design are what we are made of and that keeps us going. And our unshakeable goal is to deliver high-quality solutions, with maximum flexibility. This has proved to be a successful combination that has given us a large, loyal customer base worldwide. We consider our customers part of our team and greatly appreciate close, long-term relationships. We are extremely flexible when it comes to the wide range of order sizes we can accept.

Our Office in Shanghai – The hub of our production base

Winner of 2021/2022 – Top 100 SME in Singapore for outstanding service